Why Is It So Important to NAIL Your Story?

Welcome to Nailing Your Business Story, In A Nutshell.

I’m Rebecca Moore, founder of InANutshell Consulting. We provide on-demand strategies and seasoned advice to emerging entrepreneurs, like you!

When I meet with entrepreneurs that are just starting out, almost every single one stumbles when she tries to describe her business---often to the point of getting tongue-tied. And I totally get it. This is because she is still in the process of defining her business and articulating the value proposition. She’s still testing the market, identifying her ideal audience, and building her idea, so she has a lot to think about.

If this resonates with you, then you’re in the right place!

The objective of this workshop is to transform your ideas into a cohesive story---think of it as a mini masterpiece----that will help you attract more customers and grow your business.

This workshop is designed to motivate and encourage (okay, PUSH! ) you to answer essential questions about your business that you may not have considered….or have been afraid to address. This will force you to refine your business story so that you can deliver it with confidence, no matter where you are in your growth stage and no matter who your audience.

Here’s how it works:

I’ll guide you through 5 simple steps that help you focus on what’s important, say it a way that is brief yet compelling, push through your hesitations, and force you to practice until it rolls off your tongue like “buttah”. You’ll end up with a concise story that you’ll feel comfortable presenting---and tweaking!---daily, and a short video (60-90 seconds ideally) that you can post on your website to begin building your social media presence.

Ready to start? Let’s do it!

*********A bit about my background***********

I have a special place in my heart for women who are returning to the workforce or leaving the corporate world to monetize a passion, and idea or a service and create a successful business on their own terms. Founders come to when they are facing overwhelm and need help transforming their ideas into a clear marketing strategy and action plan.

I've lived through the experience many times. I founded an Internet retail start-up called MuseumShop.com----growing it from an idea in my kitchen pantry to a 30-person venture-backed firm in state-of-the art offices. In addition to writing and pitching business plans and raising capital, I’ve worked for many early-stage companies in marketing, sales, and business development roles and served on the boards of nonprofit and educational organizations. More info at www.inanutshellconsulting.com.